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27.10.2020 02:28
Without upgrades such as this runescape would die Antworten

It has gotta alter, Jagex has to adapt its own forums. First, drop the Fmod program altogether, create Fmods a paid job with Jagex, together with professional standards demanded. No longer Fmods referring to gamers as"you lot" etc. Seriously some Fmods are murdering segments of the forums. Second, upgrade forums, with more voice and more choice. Let players ignore others and have other tools and build networks from the forums. Give the RS forums the flexibility of Facebook, a rather straightforward method of grouping. But participant pushed, not all of these secret forums which Jagex has polluting the forums and turning the forums into rigid regions.

Get a player council upward, let gamers vote for 12 players who have power to decide updates from a budget. A small one, few hundred k annually or thereabouts. In case you need to use Facebook and Twitter, use them to feed conversation involving the forums. This installment will discourage years like 2012 occurring again, where Jagex refused to seriously listen to gamers. For example, 90% of players adore SoF and 80% adore EoC, which have been just plain stupid things for Jagex to say. Adapt or perish, emotive nonsense. Discussing does a better job, but instances exercising.

I am an EOC supporter, a big one. The thing with games, in addition to all technologies, is that they are constantly advancing. Think back to when runescape was first launched 13-ish years ago - consider how technology and gambling as a whole have progressed in the last thirteen decades. Consider how many runescape players (myself included) left for additional MMORPGs that use a similar activity bar system. Of course I'm talking of World of Warcraft. Now I am not saying runescape ought to be like WOW, maybe not at all, but most moos now follow the EOC-style HCI. Why do 99% do this?

Because its demonstrated to work. Without upgrades such as this runescape would die, not only from a game perspective, but from a business perspective. Jagex in the conclusion of the day is a business that has to pay its workers, cover tax and most of all make a gain. If they didn't keep runescape on par with competition it would immediately lose out.

Progression and adaption is key to all things in life, but with technology it is even more significant. You make the point that people have been the dominant race through changing their sorroundings, but that is a really different thing. I don't know how old you're think on the previous 20 years - weas tech users, have had to accommodate - through using VCR to CD to DVD, throughout the use of different interfacing devices (touchscreen is a huge one).

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