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HALAWA - Natur Haar Entferner
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When I was young, when I saw adults with their wristwatches, they always liked to borrow and wear them. Watching the second hand move every second, I wondered how the watch would shift. Turning around, I put the watch on my wrist, thinking It's so cool to dress as an

Maybe the memories of watches when I was young were too deep, and I now have crazy buying and buying. After I grew up, I really started to study watches more deeply when I went to college. At that time, how to buy timepieces was in magazines and searched on the Internet. Post it, from the forum to the later WeChat group, step by step in-depth research, it can be said that these experiences have saved me a lot of pitfalls.
For those who are just getting started with a limited budget, there is a preferred style: Longines Concas diving. Concas is both familiar and unfamiliar to everyone. What is common is that everyone knows the Concas diving style of Longines. What is unfamiliar is actually how the historical story of Concas came
In fact , the Conquest series is Longines' first registered series name in 1954. It has always been shown as "Longines" before, which also marks the beginning of Longines's more efficient combination and planning of the brand. Concas, Army Flag, Admiral, Silver Arrow, Golden Hare, etc . collection face different groups of people. The precise positioning can enable the brand to have a more efficient market operation.
Longines launches the actual HydroConquest sequence (HydroConquest), the most familiar Concus has embarked on the peak scuba diving watch as soon as it debuted.
Speaking of Concus diving, although the name contains Concus, the actual poisonist checked a lot of information and found that he did not have much contact with the original Concus. It can be said that a separate diving line is more suitable, and Longines has always been focusing on elegant formal watches, as well as Concas plunging is also a niche branch. (Longines launched Longines Nautilus Skin Diver Ref. 6921 in 1959, which was later relaunched as a classic series)

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