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Oops Armon Watts Minnesota Vikings Jerseys , I was off by a day yesterday."SeasonVikings 2019 OffseasonU.S. Bank StadiumMinnesota Vikings PodcastsMid-Week Open Thread: April 24, 2019New,975commentsOops, I was off by a day yesterday.CDTShareTweetShareShareMid-Week Open Thread: April 24, 2019Merry Wednesday, everyone!Man, I was off by a day yesterday. I’m not sure why my mind decided that the draft was starting on Friday, but it was locked in when I wrote yesterday’s blog. I didn’t get a chance to log on to the thread, but I can only assume that I caught a great deal of crap for it. If I didn’t, well, I would be disappointed in you. You’re much too versed in smart-a**ery to miss an easy target like that. Okay, so we are now just over ONE day away from the opening of the 2019 draft. I loaded up on charcoal last night, the smoker will be getting a workout this week and weekend.Around the DN since our last open thread:Ted shared his final mock of the 2019 mock season.Chris weighed in with TE as his choice for #3 in ‘Minnesota Vikings Top 5 Draft Needs’.In the Daily Norseman FanPulse, fans decided which position they see as the Vikings’ greatest draft need.Great news! Mike Hughes is running again at Vikings’ OTAs, per Chris.The Vikings have announced that LONG time Viking, Scott Studwell, is retiring. Studwell was one of my favorite players back when I started watching football, he and Tommy Kramer. Studwell has been with the team since they drafted him in 1977; as a player until 1990, and continued with the team after retiring, holding various positions in and around the front office.Have a listen to the SB Nation Writers Mock Draft Podcast, from Chris.Ted brought us a bonus edition of Rickspeak, the 2019 Pre-Draft version.Arif posted Norse Code Podcast Episode 274: Revenge is a Dish Best Served Funky as Hell.Vikings and NFL news from other sources, other sports news, and random oddities:ESPN shared some in-depth stories on some of the draft’s top prospects.From Minnesota Vikings Jerseys Stitched , the Seahawks traded Frank Clark to the Chiefs. In return for Clark, Chiefs sent Seattle a 2019 first round pick, a 2020 second round pick, and they swapped 2019 third-round picks. Then, the Chiefs immediately signed Clark to a monster deal; a five-year, $105.5 million deal, with $63.5 million guaranteed.ESPN takes a look back at the crazy 1999 NFL draft.CBS Sports ranks the 10 worst picks and draft busts from the past 30 years.We come to today’s media selection:Let’s keep the blues theme going this week. I love blues, and here is one of the greatest of all time, and a guy I had the opportunity to see live at the annual homecoming show he put on in Indianola, Mississippi. This is THE Mr. B.B. King. Enjoy!Again, we all know the rules, but in case someone is new:No discussion of politics or religionNo feeding of the trollsThis isn’t a male version of The View, so leave the gender hatred at the doorKeep the bad language to a minimum (using the spoiler tags, if you must)Speaking of which, if discussing a newer show or movie, please use spoiler tagsNo pictures that could get someone fired or in serious trouble with their employerIf you can’t disagree in a civil manner, feel free to go awayWhile navigating the open thread, just assume it’s sarcasmWith that, the beer light is on and the bar is open. Belly up and tie one on. Don’t forget to tip your waitress, and try the rabbit. Defensive lineman Jared Allen retired from the NFL in 2015 and wasn’t ready to give up on the competition he’d come to enjoy as a five-time All-Pro.His solution: The Olympics.The problem: He didn’t compete in any Olympic sports.Less than a year later, Allen and three other former NFL stars — none with any prior experience — are attempting to qualify for the U.S. national curling championships against players who have been throwing stones for most of their lives.It would be the first step toward competing in the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing.“Every team in the NFL — whether you’re hot garbage or the defending Super Bowl champions — every coach come August says the same thing: ‘We’re trying to win the Super Bowl,'” Allen said. “We come from that mentality, where we set lofty goals.“Our short-term goals are continually to get better: fundamentals, strategy Armon Watts Jersey nfl draft , sweeping. We know if we master these little things, it will take us a long way.”A 12-year NFL veteran who spent most of his career with the Chiefs and Vikings, Allen was lamenting the end of his playing days when a friend dared him to try an Olympic sport. Allen toyed with the idea of badminton but rejected it as too taxing.“We thought about curling: It was chill, and the winners have to buy the losers beer,” he said. “We thought it was a win-win.”He rounded up former Rams quarterback Marc Bulger and Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck and tackle Michael Roos to form a team; all were Pro Bowl selections during their NFL careers, and living in the Nashville, Tennessee, area.Adopting the name All-Pro Curling Team, they started from scratch in March and kept their plans under wraps until they felt like they had made enough progress.“We wanted the reaction when we got on the ice to be, ‘Oh, how long have you guys been doing this?” Allen said in a telephone interview after practicing on a converted hockey rink in Nashville. “We were serious. We didn’t want it to seem like it was just some media hype, or just trying to stay relevant.”The first test was in November, when Allen and Bulger — with two “regular” curlers — competed in the Curl Mesabi Classic in Northern Minnesota. Their first opponent: The gold medal-winning team from Pyeongchang led by four-time Olympian John Shuster.They lost 11-3, giving up five points in the sixth end.“Honestly, they were a little better than I had expected,” said Matt Hamilton, the second on that team. “All in all, Jared was technically pretty sound. But at the end of the day, I’ve seen thousands of curling shots and situations, and that is ultimately going to win us more games.”Although curling matches are often conceded when they are out of reach, the Olympians kept playing through the eighth (of 10) ends, to help the football players gain the experience they will need if they are to be more competitive. (If it’s any consolation for Allen’s crew, Shuster’s rink also scored a five-ender against Sweden in the gold medal match.)“We had one bad end, and we just kept playing with them. We just wanted to be a sponge Custom Armon Watts Jersey ,” Bulger said. “The key was they knew we were taking it seriously. It wasn’t just us saying, ‘We’re going to take over curling,’ kind of as a gimmick.100<button class="view-gallery">View Gallery</button> Gallery:View from the sidelines: NFL cheerleaders 2018Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports | Raj Mehta“We hope to play them again,” he said, “when we’re better.”The All-Pros are back at it at the USA Men’s Challenge Round in Blaine, Minnesota, this weekend, where they are competing for one of four remaining spots in next month’s national championships. (Top teams such as Shuster’s have already qualified.)They got off to a rough start in their first match, falling 10-1 to Steve Birklid’s Seattle-based rink on Thursday night. But, by hopping into the sport early in the Olympic cycle, they have almost three more years before the team for the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing is chosen.Hamilton confessed that he was put off at first about newcomers thinking they could go to the Olympics after four years in a sport he has worked at to master his entire life. But he also realized that the publicity will be good for curling, which has struggled to break out of its niche as an every-four-years curiosity.“If I really think I’m that good, I should be like, ‘Bring it on!'” Hamilton said in an email to The Associated Press from a competition in Japan. “How much they respected the game, though, is what made me realize they aren’t making a mockery. We just have some extremely athletic individuals who respect sport but have a need to compete in their blood. Can’t disrespect that!”All four football players agreed that the reception they’ve received from lifetime curlers has been decidedly different than the one that might welcome a curler who tried to break into the hyper-competitive NFL.“Oh, he’d get smashed,” Allen said. “We’d go out of our way to test his mettle, for sure.”Instead, the ex-NFLers found that the tight-knit but friendly community of curlers was eager to accept them. In their match against the Olympians, there was trash-talking — or banter, depending on whom you ask — and Hamilton even gave them some of his old curling gear.“I looked at their broom heads and I was disgusted. I was wondering why these former pro football players couldn’t afford new broom heads,” he said. “So I went into my curling bag and gave them some gently used ones before the game. That really surprised Jared, claiming nothing like that would ever fly in football.”Like many of those who experience curling only every four years Discount Armon Watts Jersey , on TV, the football players saw the sweeping and the shouting and underestimated how hard it is. “We played football, but it’s a lot of muscles we didn’t use,” Bulger said.Sliding on the ice was also an adjustment, but the biggest challenge has been the strategy.When he first started watching, Bulger said, he would see curlers setting up protective stones called guards and thought they were missing their shots.“We just assumed that you throw to the button every time, and we learned that is not the game,” he said. “It’s like a novice chess player going against” a grandmaster.But their NFL experience did help in other ways, priming them with not just physical fitness, but also good practice habits, the ability to make decisions on the fly and to improve through film study and coaching.“Like any other sport you have to learn, try to figure out how to get better,” Bulluck said. “Playing football at a very high level, being one of the best at the position once upon a time, to get to that level in anything you do you have to be able to take coaching.”And, of course, they’re competitive.“The message is: We want to bring attention to it. We want to have fun with it,” Allen said. “But we’re dead serious about what we’re trying to accomplish.”


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