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20.02.2021 16:55
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For HaiO, its share price has tumbled from about RM4.50 to RM1.78 for the past one and half year. Notwithstanding this long-term trend line of growth, the last year has been an especially difficult period for Vale, as iron ore prices have dropped and Brazilian country risk has increased (leading into a presidential election that was concluded in October 2014). The graph shows Vale's boutiques near me price over the last 6 months (and contrasts it with another mining giant, BHP Billiton). I think this is because accounting is quite sticky once you commit and by the time we count a customer they have trialled the software and running their business on it. Brown Software - Custom application design, database, networking and hardware support. After about 2 months of selling pressure, which saw Mudajaya's share price fell almost 50% from RM3.40 to RM1.80, buying interest seems to flock in for the past few days. If you look at Mudajaya's share price chart, the volume is significantly higher for the recent 2 months, especially for the past one week.

The rise in the volatility indices are a clear indicator of this panic response, with the VIX almost tripling in the course of the week. Though it may mean panic selling during this period which has dragged the price down, but it can also be some big players accumulating its shares. As you can see, the degree of leverage shown by the period when gold was above $500 is lower than the period when gold was below $500. Add to that leverage and you are looking at magnified returns. Put simply, if investors are wary and risk averse about an asset class or market, you should expect to see money flow out of that market and if they are sanguine, you should see money flow in. Share buyback or share repurchase refers to a company buying its own share from the stock market, either through open market or tender offer. Is share buyback good for investors?

Recently the share buyback is carried out in almost daily basis. This is good for the shareholders as the value of their shares increase with each share repurchased. Recently the company is actively buying back its shares and a few non-executive directors are increasing their stake in the company. If a company's chances are 25% of all its asset, that is a financially sound company. If it is improving, then the company's earning should improve as well. If not, its income, yield as well as the unit price will stay stagnant, which is why many investors are not interested in REITs. However, the distribution per unit or the yield may or may not increase much as CMMT is using 100% private placement to fund the acquisition of East Coast Mall. It has acquired the extension new wing of Gurney Plaza early this year and will probably add the East Coast Mall in Kuantan to its portfolio by the end of this year. CMMT mentions that East Coast Mall will contribute about RM20 million net income annually.


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