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Bremont Kingsman replica BKM-SS Steel SS Pilot Special Edition watch Antworten

The Bremont Bremont Kingsman BKM-SS Steel series of watches have passed the Martin baker ejection seat challenge throughout the test. Only warriors are invited!
These highly respected men and women usually wear matching wristwatches when they fly. There has always been a close link between aviation and watchmaking, both of which focus on practicality and precision engineering. Sometimes the relationship is so special... British watch master treasure name watch (Bremont) produces the wrist watch that infuses aviation element quality, MB series is among them watch watch. The MBIII, the third generation of the MB series, has been developed over the past seven years in collaboration with British ejection seat expert Martin baker. MB series third generation - MBIII
Like the company's seats, the MB series must be able to pass tests from -40c to 40C, vibrate, freeze, and operate in salt and seawater environments, and the strap needs to be far more durable than normal.

MBI cheap luxury watches is one of the original wristwatches, which can only be purchased by people who have officially used ejection seats. The wristwatch has been through 14 ejections, several times of freezing and continuous testing, but has not exceeded the limit.

MB series first generation - MBI
The new MBIII has Greenwich mean time, and the watch has many new elements, but still retains its integrity. "I want to see a watch story as good as a catapult seat 40 years from now," says Mr Martin. MB series pursuit of design at the same time, function is still the most important.The super navy watch is designed with baobing's exclusive trip-tick technology, which will be tested many times in the UK, just like the previous models, to ensure that the design and construction of the watch can protect the movement from huge impact, and obtain the "shockproof" certification from the Swiss official observatory (COSC). In addition, the Faraday cage with the effect of magnetization protects the balance wheel, balance spring and escapement device from any magnetization. The carefully developed model also has a helium valve.

BREMONT is a British luxury watch brand that makes mechanical watches on the Banks of the Henley river in England. It was founded by Nick and Giles English brothers in 2002 and immediately attracted the attention of the watch industry. BREMONT was selected by Walpole as the "best new Luxury brand in the UK" in 2008, the "watch brand of the year" at the UK Jewellery Awards in the past four years, the "best breakthrough brand" at the 2012 Luxury Briefing Awards and the national overall winner of the HSBC global online competition in 2013. BREMONT watches (BREMONT) adhering to the original durable, easy to read and accurate watchmaking purposes, but also for the world's most unique military squadrons to manufacture watches. The British watch industry once dominated watchmaking, and Bremont Kingsman watches replica has been credited with revitalizing the British watch industry.


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