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12.08.2019 08:55
Throughout the afternoon Antworten

Throughout the afternoon, a person quietly leaned against the corner of the balcony. Or stunned, from time to time looking up at the witty silent sky. Or hurting, not gazing at the ground full of weeds not far away. Without saying a word, my mind is in an infinite gap. So lonely and lonely, for a while, I forgot the pace of time, and gradually lost all feelings. The cool breeze flutters from my side, and occasionally there are fragments of leaves that accompany the wind, and sneak into the front. But they can no longer cause me to care too much. Autumn has come out, and I have never left the house for a long time, almost forgetting the current season. Autumn, come, just like this, come quietly. A cool, rainy rain, misty and foggy all the space. Autumn rain, damp my heart, clasped the heartstrings. Is it that the weather is getting cold, and the human heart will follow the cold? The season of the colorful flowers will not appear here Marlboro Lights. A touch of light yellow, a little white, a little pink but can be presented by chance. The plain words of powerlessness can not describe the autumn taste and indifference that resides in my heart, and do not look back, and the leaves are gone. There is a saying: Heaven is cool and autumn! Walk alone through the hustle and bustle, through the neon lights of the bustling city, disdain the gorgeous night. I have a touch of purple, I don��t know how to spend a few years. The breeze is rustling, no matter how much sunshine. Clear and quiet, smile a little, the fragrance that resides in the heart, also rises with the wind, scattered with the clouds. Inadvertently, I held a faint scent of joy, and I enjoyed a little bit of redness. I unknowingly sprinkled the autumn and cool autumn of the land, always making me feel that the whole world has begun to cool down. The night was getting deeper, and the beating thoughts began to feel restless. The dice of memory slowly opened, one by one, and one event that was unwilling to recall was awakened one by one. Perhaps it is hurt, or deep or shallow; perhaps, it is pain, long or short; perhaps, it is a dream, or an illusion or a truth. Sigh: In the moment, I can��t help but time, I can��t pull back the time. In the midst of it, we will meet one person at a certain stage. From meeting, to knowing each other, to intersecting Carton Of Cigarettes, and then starting to become strangers. From unfamiliar strangers to strangers. Come and go, one after another, like this. So, I began to believe that not all encounters can be kept into a legend, not all frankness can be exchanged for the same tacit understanding. Along the way, keep reminding yourself, don't look back too much. Otherwise, I will forget the time and lose my feeling. The sweet-scented osmanthus in the garden is also open these two days. The old distance can smell the rich and faint floral fragrance, which is very refreshing. The cool wind is mixed with the osmanthus fragrance, and the eyes are quietly snorting. Aroma and nose are better than fascination! Lost in the heart, drunk. The entanglement of the lingering thoughts spread like a drizzle that would drift in the night sky. Perhaps because of the traction of osmanthus fragrance, I have been convinced that being a quiet and nuanced person is open and silent in the corner, but it never causes excessively lively attention, and maintains an independent and casual character. It is very good. The sorrow of sorrow, the joy of joy, not forgetting the sky: a long sigh, and then laugh a few times. I realized that I am also in a hurry, and I am in a hurry. In the life of the wind, why bother to spend more time Marlboro Cigarettes, the arrival of autumn, so that I have not passed away. Stopped and lost myself. Light words, broken light ink, but can not draw the autumn fragrance in my heart.
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