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28.08.2019 15:49
When will adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V3 Release? Antworten

A large wave of Yeezy new products is approaching, and 11 new Yeezy products will be available for sale in September. In front of the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V3, after the V2 shoe type swept the world, Grandpa created another wave of shoes! Today, there is a new physical image exposure, from the latest exposure of Yeezy broke the account yeezyseason2, this picture is made from real spy photos, so that we can get a closer look at the details of the new version of 350 V3. Compared to the sleek lines of the V2 shoe type, the appearance of the V3 is more aggressive. Not only does the height of the upper increase, but the sole also has a visual jump before and after the fall. Compared to the quietness of the V2, the V3 shoe type The wearing atmosphere will be more dynamic. Known as the Alien alien, this color scheme may be the first color match for the V3 shoe, and the details of the woven upper are still a lot of “paint strip” design. Kanye West has already kissed this Alien color scheme before.

Air Jordan Shoes like military shoes have a new choice! The Air Jordan 10 “Desert Camo” is not only presented in the standard military desert camouflage, but also the use of nylon fabrics, which also has better performance and can withstand a certain degree of water splashing. The color scheme is particularly pleasing, the black background is lined with dark camouflage textures, and the degree of relaxation is unobtrusive.

The classic Shox air column cushioning boots Nike Shox BB4 returned this year, the first black and silver color on the shelves are very popular, Nike official website has been sold out! Tomorrow, the Nike Shox BB4 QS Raptors will be on sale. The overall color of the white is decorated in silver and blue and red. The simplicity and generosity of this Carter boots are still preserved. Today's physical picture surfaced, let us discover the hidden surprises! Like Carter's PE color on the court, the uppers of these shoes also have dragon claw texture, but they are presented in beige and white, which is not eye-catching. I believe that under different lighting, there should be surprises!


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