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Diet pills for women-which one is for you? Health Articles | December 22 Cheap Jeremy Lin Jersey , 2009
With the changing lifestyle, women around the world suffer from obesity. When no amount of diet control & exercise regimen works, women turn to the popular & much advertised diet pills.

However, different diet pills work in different ways & the fact that it worked a magic pill for your friend doesn't necessarily mean that it will work for you. To know, which one is best that suits your Body type, you must first become familiar with the different ways in which these pills work.
There?re three categories of supplements weight loss:

Calorie Burners: They contain stimulants Cheap D'Angelo Russell Jersey , so they temporarily raise your metabolism & you burn more calories. But they also often increase your heart rate, blood pressure & anxiety. Commonly, the effective ingredient in these aids is green tea, caffeine, guarana, or more dangerous Cheap Brooklyn Nets Hats , "natural herbal" option called ma huang or Ephedra.
Absorption Blockers: These foodstuffs block your intestines from absorbing either carbohydrates or fat (chitosan), so that more of what goes in comes out. Carb-blockers are often made from soy beans or white beans, sounding strong. But studies have shown a loss of copper & zinc from the body, & no proven weight reduction.

Appetite: They include a large number of incentives from the burning of calories listed above, with Citrimax (Garcinia Cambogia fruit) & CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). Normally, maximum weight loss generally occurs within seven months of using appetite suppressants. Medical studies suggest that if a patient does not lose at least 4 pounds over 4 weeks on a particular appetite suppressant Cheap Brooklyn Nets Hoodies , then the particular diet pill is not likely to help the patient achieve significant weight loss.

You can choose from the options above, but the universal truth remains that any type of diet pill works best when combined with exercise & healthy eating habits. Generally, weight loss is not as easy or quick that many companies involve scheme. The fact that pill weight loss is sold over-the-counter does not guarantee that it is safe for all. Because they are considered "nutritional supplements, the FDA does not test most of these products if you can be sure that the label says is what's in the bottle! Furthermore, the claim that aid to food is "natural" or "herbal" is not a guarantee of safety. The last word of caution says that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not use food aid.


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