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 Brazilian waxing - Intimenthaarung
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Collagen Select Take a few ripe apricots and mash them to a state of mashed potatoes. To the resulting slurry, add a teaspoon of homemade sour cream or ordinary vegetable oil. Apply the mixture on the eyelids and hold for 15–20 minutes. Wash off with warm water. Pay attention to your own food and pace of life. Try as often as possible to be in the fresh and clean air. Take vitamin complexes regularly.
To make a face more expressive will help not only makeup, but also a hairstyle. Proper haircut should be in harmony with the general appearance of the person, to become its continuation and successful addition. In order to choose the best hairstyle, choose the one that best suits your face type. There are several types of faces; the most common ones are round, triangular, square, oval. The most successful can be called the owners of an oval face, because absolutely any haircut and styling suits this type. And long curls and a short hedgehog hair will look harmonious. However, you should pay attention to the facial features. For example, if you have a large nose, do not make too short haircut. The girls, whose face belongs to the square, often wide cheekbones, Experienced hairdressers and stylists advise in this case to cut the hair a couple of centimeters longer than the chin and in any case not to cut off a straight thick bang. Straight hair line will make the face even more rectangular. If you still want to shave the bang, then let it be a little uneven and processed with thinning scissors. You are well suited haircut "square" or different lengths of hair - the front is longer than the back. It is quite easy to choose a hairstyle and owners of a triangular face type. It is only necessary to take into account that you should not wear too heavy fringe. If you have a wide forehead, you can try to “narrow” it with an uneven bang.


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