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Q. Yesterday I was interviewed for a job that sounds really good. One question stumped me: ?What kind of boss do you like to work for?? Caught by surprise Tony Parker Jersey , I said, ?I like a boss who's available to answer questions and give me feedback.?

How do I prepare for next time?

A. Whether you're interviewing for a job, networking or making a client presentation, you've entered a business relationship. And business relationships differ from friendships.

So when you enter a business or a sports arena, you put on a uniform and wear your game face. You follow the rules. Long-time successful players (like Diana Taurasi and Michael Jordan) know the rules so well they can trust their intuition.

But most of us will view networking events and interviews as George Gervin Jersey , well, a new ball game. We don't practice every day. Whole years ? even decades ? go by without a job interview. So when we come to the game, most of us need to be self-consciously aware of what we are doing.

1. Focus on the game, not your feelings.

Before and after your business encounter, you can (and should) share feelings and concerns openly with a coach Bruce Bowen Jersey , consultant or counselor. But when you're face to face in a business meeting, your game face becomes part of your dress-for-success plan.

A networking acquaintance asks, ?How are things going?? You know he doesn't want to hear about problems with suppliers, child care or your crazy boss. Time to share a success story, matter-of-factly Dennis Rodman Jersey , without bragging.

2. Create your playbook before you enter the arena.

Anticipate questions whenever possible. Talk to others with more recent experience.

The other team has a three-point lead and you have sixty seconds left in the game. They have the ball.

I must admit I was surprised the first time I heard a sportscaster explain, ?At this level, the coach has already diagrammed the plays for situations like this one.? But it makes sense for sports and business, too.

3. Create a game plan for surprises.

You can't plan for every contingency. Opposing coaches come up with creative plays and interviewers come back from a conference with new questions.

One trick I share with clients: As you hear each question, ask yourself Sean Elliott Jersey , ?What answer will show I understand the game and am prepared to play by the rules??

So you're asked, ?What kind of boss do you like??

Most likely, your prospective employer doesn't care what style of leadership you prefer. If you're working for a big company, chances are you'll have multiple bosses in one year, each with different personalities Rudy Gay Spurs Jersey , management styles and expectations.

But your company does care about accomplishment.

For a for-profit company, you might talk about working for a results-oriented boss. You then talk about the importance of contributing to the bottom line.

Non-profits are guided by mission so you fine-tune your response.

4. Recognize that the game can change in the blink of an eye.

Of course, you may realize that you will not be able to function in the environment presented by this organization. You can withdraw from the game altogether.

But I encourage clients not to leave too fast. Just as a basketball game can reverse in the last twenty seconds, a job can change overnight. Literally.

5. Plan for getaways.

Some people live for their game and their work. I know some Internet marketers who work sixteen hours a day ? happily. Some players and coaches live for the game, especially during March Madness. They relax by shooting around on the court.

But most of us need breaks and getaways. We need to step back to gain perspective. And everyone I know needs a place to take off the game face and relax Pau Gasol Spurs Jersey , if only for a little while.

When you are working on a paper or searching online, your laptop freezes up. You will end up losing any work that you have been working on, which will cause you to have to redo any work you were working on. In order to avoid losing any work while working on your laptop, it is a good idea to always save every two minutes just in case your laptop happens to freeze up. You may lose some of your work, but not all of it.

When your laptop freezes up LaMarcus Aldridge Spurs Jersey , you will have to turn off your laptop. Wait a few seconds and turn the power back on. Your laptop will reboot and check for hard drive for any malfunctions. Once your laptop comes back to your desktop screen, you may want to run a virus and malware scan to make sure there are not any viruses or trojans on your computer that is causing your computer to freeze up. You can work on your laptop while it is scanning.

Remove any viruses or trojans on your laptop by following the instructions on your virus scanner. Many times when you reboot your computer, the trojan may appear on your desktop screen. You can one of two things in order to make your computer run like it was before. You can reboot your computer and click on your virus program as soon as the desktop icons appear on the screen.

Click on tools and system restore. Choose the date on the calendar that appears to the date that your laptop was running smoothly. Your laptop will restart and it should work the way that it did before the trojan appeared. On the other hand, you may have to take your laptop into a computer repair shop in order to remove the trojan or virus from your computer. You will have to pay a small fee, but your laptop will run like new. Many of the times when your laptop freezes up David Robinson Spurs Jersey , your files may disappear.

The computer technician may be able to locate your hidden files on your laptop. If you have had your laptop for at least five years, it may be time to invest in a new one. You may want to invest in better virus software. You can find free virus software online, but they may not be able to catch all of the hidden viruses and trojans on your laptop.

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