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So what the heck are life goals Antworten

So what the heck are life goals Ravens Hayden Hurst Jersey , you ask. You see, many of us have goals, and while that's wonderful we have to make absolutely certain that they are in line with our life goals.

Life goals are basically just a fancy name for more long-term goals. Our larger dreams Ravens Justin Tucker Jersey , the things that get us so excited we long for their achievement. Since our long term goals are where we ultimately want to end up, it's rather important that our shorter-term goals, or those action steps that support our long-term achievements are working together.

Here's an example:

If your dream is to become a graduate of your local college and go on to get your MBA Black Trace McSorley Jersey , but your short term goals are not leading you to spend more time studying then you can just about bet you're going to have some type of struggle between what you desire and actually achieve. Essentially you're planning long term for one thing, yet taking steps in an all-together different direction.

A much more effective solution would be to work backwards where after outlining your longer term goals you start looking towards more immediate steps you can take that will lead to the overall outcome.

It's my hope that you got one thing from what I said above, that life goals are not to be taken lightly. They should be totally in line with your values Black Iman Marshall Jersey , the things that you personally believe to be important. When we are careful to align our long term plans with our natural abilities I believe that we can actually steer our lives on the course we want it to take.

Personally my life goal is to create opportunity for those around me. To positively impact those I am fortunate enough to come into contact with. After identifying my life goal I have a standard with which to measure my short-term goals.


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