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A heavy and occlusive sunscreen can attract Antworten

Myth: If You Leave Your Acne Alone Wholesale Jordan Shoes UK , You'll Outgrow It

This is absolutely untrue. If you acne outbreak, it is important to treat it as early as possible. Leaving it alone can often make matter worse. And if it does get worse, it can create permanent scars which not just affect your physical look but also your emotion feeling about yourself.

Myth: Acne Is Caused by Eating Oily Food, Chocolate or Caffeine

There is no strong medical evident that certain type of food or diet result in acne. However if you notice that certain kind of food consistently cause you to suffer from acne outbreak Jordan Shoes UK Sale , it is best that you avoid them. For example, some people are very sensitive to food with high iodine content such as shellfish, dried fish and seaweed which result in flare-up. There are some studies theorize that hormones in chicken, beef and dairy products may cause early adolescent acne but that has yet to be proven. However if you have concerned Cheap Jordan Shoes UK , then you may want to substitute other sources of protein and calcium for these products or try hormone-free organic version of them.

Myth: Acne Is Seasonal

Acne is not a seasonal skin problem. You can suffer from acne outbreak during any time of the year. However temperature and humidity may increase the oil production of your skin and hence result in acne.

Myth: Sunscreen Causes Acne

A heavy and occlusive sunscreen can attract and hold on to heat in your follicles which can result in skin inflammation and causing numerous small red bumps to form. However this reaction is not true acne but a condition known as miliaria. A good non-comedogenic sunscreen will not result in acne.

Sun screen is a very important prevention measure against skin cancer. Hence we will never advice you not to use it. In fact, you should always apply sunscreen to your skin when you need to go under the sun. For people will acne-prone skin, we'll recommend that they use oil-free non-comodegenic sunscreen.

One important thing to note - Acne medicine such as benzoyl peroxide Rein-A and salicylic acid may increase your skin sensitivity to the sunlight. Hence if you use these medicines, it is very important that you apply sunscreen before you leave the house.


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