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Introduction to the cost performance of wet ball mill Antworten

Wet ball mills are widely used in mining industry. In normal use, maintenance should be paid attention to. When the liner is worn 70% or 70mm long cracks, it should be replaced. The connecting fasteners of the wet ball mill are not loose, and there is no oil leakage or leakage leakage in the contact surface. According to the defect situation, it is necessary to properly handle and arrange the intermediate repair and overhaul programs. The steel ball is added in time according to the wear condition, and the main components such as the hollow shaft, the main bearing, the cylinder, the reducer, the large gear, etc. are carefully inspected for specific records.
The wet ball mill is mainly composed of a ball mill body, a ball mill drive device, a ball mill oil station, a gear eruption system and the like, and the body comprises a simplified body, an end cover, a gasket and a large gear. The main bearing and the journal are fixed to the drive end, and the non-drive end journal supply gap is used to accommodate the expansion of the mill. The ball mill drive equipment includes a motor, a reduction gearbox, a clutch, a coupling, a pinion gear, a large gear, and the like. The ball mill oil station is mainly composed of a fuel tank, a high pressure top shaft oil pump, a low pressure smooth oil pump, a cooling fan, etc., and the high pressure top shaft oil pump is started before the ball mill is started or stopped, and the mill shaft is topped at two bearings: a smooth oil pump is used for the ball mill The bearing is smooth and the gear eruption system is used for smoothing the fine gears in the normal operation of the ball mill to avoid excessive temperature of the rolling parts.
The specific gravity of the slurry will directly affect the operating power of the wet ball mill, and how can the wet ball mill's production capacity reach a good condition. When the specific gravity and viscosity of the slurry are too small, the material is not easy to adhere to the surface of the ball, and it is easy to form a direct touch between the stones, which reduces the ball milling power and increases the wear of the ball. When the specific gravity of the slurry is too large, the material simply adheres to the outer surface of the steel ball, so that the material cannot be broken, and the ball mill is "bloomed". Therefore, it is of far-reaching significance to control the specific gravity of the slurry of the wet ball mill.
The specific gravity of the slurry in the wet ball mill is controlled at 1.75~1.83 for natural pebbles, and the ball mill power is high for high aluminum balls 1.83~1.90. And the slurry performance is also good. It is not easy to precipitate and is easy to release. We have carried out numerous trials and studies for efficient production, and we have improved our production power in constant trials. The same ball mill uses high-aluminum ceramic balls 20%~3% more than natural cobblestones, and the ball-milling time is about 20~15 hours from 24~36 hours (of course, this is not only bulk density). factor). It is then indicated that the greater the bulk density of the abrasive body, the higher the ball milling power. The wet ball mill has a long time during operation, and requires a large amount of power when starting, and the inrush current is large. After a large number of experiments and discussions by professionals, the orbits and forces of the steel balls are differentiated. The frequency conversion skills are used to sample the entire operation process of the mill, and a power-saving control cabinet is developed, which is adjusted by frequency conversion. The speed of the motor makes the output torque and speed of the motor cooperate with the technical request of the ball mill, which not only improves the power of the mill, optimizes the production technology, but also greatly reduces the power consumption of the mill.


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