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1. Learn About You

If you don't know who you are and why you think and act the way you do, it's gonna be really difficult to make any positive changes in your life. Take a look first at your parents and close family members. Think about how they look and how they deal with life. This is the basis for who you are today. You've been instilled with the tendency to think as they think and act as they act. It's just the way it is.

Now think about the big events in your life so far. The ones that stand out in your mind. The ones that made an impression ? negative or positive ? on you. These events have likely influenced how you think and act today. Oh sure, we can add in every little thing that you've ever seen, heard, felt Madison Bowey Jersey , smelled or touched because ?everything? has had some effect on you - on how you think and deal with life. But it's the ?biggies? that usually have the most impact.

You can write some of this down if you want to. Make a list of things you like or don't like. Things you enjoy doing. Things that make you happy or sad. But you don't need to if you'd rather not. Just thinking about this is a major step in the right direction. Just get to know you. It's important.

2. Learn About Others

You already know now why you are you. Think about why other people think and act as they do. It should be fairly simple because they're who and what they are for the same reasons you are who you are. They've just had a different family and life experiences. Therefore, they'll all act at least somewhat differently ? and think differently ? than you. Why spend the time learning about others? Well because ? the more you learn about why other folks think and act as they do, the more you'll learn about yourself. And that's still important.

3. Practice Thinking Differently

If you continue to think the same way as you do right now, nothing can change. Everything we do is based on how we think ? about ourselves, about others and about life. If you think life is pretty crappy Andreas Athanasiou Jersey , well sure enough, it'll be pretty crappy. If you think life is generally OK, sure enough, it'll be generally OK. If you think you're a loser, you are. If you think you have a lot to offer your friends Jonathan Ericsson Jersey , family and this world, you do. We think our way to our destiny. What's your destiny?

4. Pour a Solid Foundation

You can't build much of anything without a strong foundation structure. Roads, buildings, bridges, cars Darren Helm Jersey , life ? all require a firm foundation to last and withstand the eroding elements of nature. If you haven't already, you might consider looking into using a spiritually-based concrete for your foundation. (No, I didn't say religious but if that's your preference, use it.) Strong values and principles can provide reinforcement. If you'll continue to work to add strength to your under-footing as you go through life, you'll have all the support you'll ever need.

5. Build a New Life

Use whatever references you think you need to start ? and continue ? your building process. There are plenty of organizations Luke Glendening Jersey , schools and references of all types available to help you on your way. Find the experts and listen to their stories and advice. Identify a mentor, coach or a close friend who can give you lots of support and encouragement. And be sure to DO SOMETHING! ACT! All the information and knowledge is worthless unless you put it to work for you. Decide what you would like your destiny to be. Then just go for it!


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