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Google Ad Words provides a similar tool, free for those with a Google Ad Words account. The Google program will crawl your site and identify the key words you are already optimizing for and will provide a listing of long-tail keywords that your target market is searching. In addition Cheap Willie Snead IV Jersey , Google ranks the competition for each of the keywords. Optimizing for the low-competition keywords means your site will show up sooner and higher when people search for that specific term.

In addition to using these online tools, use your common sense about what people might search to find your business. Ask your networking contacts how they would find your type of business. If you serve a local community, your site should be optimized for the city name. If you offer a specific, specialized product Cheap John Brown Jersey , that description should be optimized. Believe it or not, optimizing for your business name is usually the least of your worries. For most startups, a search for your exact business name will be the first place you show up in search engines. Unfortunately, until your company becomes a household name Cheap Michael Crabtree Jersey , not too many people are likely to search for your actual name.


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