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31.10.2019 03:57
The Chargers have made “Fight for L.A. Antworten

” one of their slogans since moving from San Diego to Los Angeles and starting to try to build up their fanbase in their new home.They made that move a year after the Rams and both teams are trying to sell tickets to the new stadium that they will both call home in the future. A Rams Super Bowl win would likely give their efforts a boost on that front and Chargers running back Melvin Gordon put any ill feelings about his team’s playoff loss behind him when asked if civic pride dictated his rooting choice.“Yeah Mike Williams Jerseys 2019 , I don’t want the Rams to win,” Gordon said on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “I live in L.A. Y’all know. I live in L.A. and I’ve got to hear that all day. You know how many signs, Rams signs White Kyzir White Jerseys , I see? I need them to lose. I don’t care where y’all put me on TV saying this. I need them to lose. I love the guys over there. I’m cool with Todd [Gurley]. I’m cool with all them boys. But man, I need them boys to lose.”Neither outcome is a particular positive for the Chargers as they haven’t shown an ability to snap the Patriots’ stranglehold on the AFC, but it would probably be a bit easier to deal with it from across the country. Like many NFL games Kyzir White Jerseys 2019 , Thursday’s included questionable calls made and not made. One specific call that wasn’t made robbed the Chiefs of a chance to finish the game with an unforgettable moment.After the Chargers converted a two-point conversion to take the lead with four seconds left, Chargers players stormed the field. In the middle of the scrum, quarterback Philip Rivers can be seen waving at his teammates to get off the field before a flag is thrown.But enough already had happened for a flag to be thrown. No flag White Justin Jones Jerseys , however, was thrown.“There is some leniency when a few players from the bench gather to celebrate in the end zone after a score but the massive number of players that entered the field after this play should not have been ignored,” former NFL referee and rules analyst Terry McAulay told PFT via text message regarding the failure of the officials to impose a 15-yard penalty on the Chargers.So what would have happened if the rules had been applied as written? The Chargers would have kicked from their own 20 Justin Jones Jerseys 2019 , creating an opportunity to down the ball in a spot that would have allowed quarterback Patrick Mahomes to launch a missile to the end zone or spark a Dolphins-type cavalcade of laterals aimed at trying to steal a win.The chances of it working would have been very, very slim. But the Chiefs should have had a chance to do what Miami did only five days ago.


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