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Broken knives are easy to damage attachments in construction waste Antworten

Every time before the construction waste is started, it is necessary to carry out no-load operation and check the pipeline for leaks or other abnormal phenomena to avoid damage to the wearing parts. Operators should periodically inject new oil into the fragile parts of construction waste to maintain the lubricity of the consumables and replace the butter when needed.
The broken knife is an accessory that is easily damaged in the construction waste. During the crushing process, if the material is mixed with other iron materials and impurities, the blade will be damaged, so a filter is installed at the inlet. Screen out the material.
If you want to extend the use time of Construction Waste Crusher consumable parts, an effective method is to ensure the stability of the voltage during operation, not to be high or low, and to avoid overloading the equipment for a long time.
Construction waste is a machine used to smash construction waste. The so-called construction waste is what we usually call waste concrete, as well as masonry. It is generally believed that the value of construction waste itself is not large, but waste concrete and masonry can be re-constructed after construction, such as concrete, floor tiles, wall panels, etc., can be applied to the basement road.
At the same time, the construction waste is also saved a lot of landfills, avoiding soil damage and effectively protecting the environment. Based on these two points, construction waste has become the environmental guardian of the machinery industry. Reasonable operation of construction waste is broken to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment during the production process, and at the same time, the wearing time of the wearing parts can be prolonged. Therefore, there is still a need to understand some ways to maintain consumables.


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