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The quality of new ultra-fine vertical grinding graphite products Antworten

Graphite has good lubricity and plasticity, and its thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity are quite high. Graphite is chemically stable and resistant to acid, alkali and organic solvents. Due to the many excellent properties of graphite and the wide range of applications, it is foreseeable that graphite will gain more attention and application in the field. The demand for graphite ore in the market will continue to increase and its price will rise. For example, graphite is a good refractory material, mainly used in the metallurgical industry to manufacture graphite crucibles; graphite is an excellent conductive material, can be used as a wear-resistant lubricating material, graphite can also be widely used in petrochemical, hydrometallurgy, acid Industrial sectors such as alkali production, synthetic fiber, and papermaking can save a lot of metal materials. Graphite can be used in the atomic energy industry and the defense industry. Graphite can be used as a pencil lead, pigment, and polishing agent. After special processing of graphite, various special materials can be produced for the relevant industrial sectors. For the grinding equipment to improve the quality of graphite powder, SBM heavy machine ultra-fine vertical roller mill is the preferred equipment for the deep processing of graphite. The processing technology is advanced, the performance is stable, and the cost performance is higher, which is conducive to enhancing the competitive strength of the whole industry.
For graphite products, the choice of milling equipment is crucial. Only by selecting a more cost-effective grinding machine for market demand can we improve product quality and increase market value. In the graphite powder processing industry, the graphite ultra-fine vertical grinding mill produced by SBM heavy machine is a scientifically designed green environmental protection and energy-saving grinding equipment. The price and selection scheme of the graphite ultra-fine vertical roller mill are scientific and reasonable. It is a powerful weapon and equipment that is conducive to improving the market space of graphite products.
SBM heavy machine graphite ultra-fine vertical grinding mill has comprehensive mechanical pulverization performances such as rolling, grinding and impact. The TL1752 model has been certified as energy saving and consumption reduction equipment by China Calcium Carbonate Certification Association. It is energy efficient in the field of non-metallic mineral deep processing. The new grinding machine is stable in operation and equipped with built-in classification mechanism. The grading wheel has unique structure, good grading effect, good product granularity, no large particle pollution, stable product quality, grinding wheel and grinding ring are made of special wear-resistant steel, and the wear is small. The service life is high, the frequency of shutdown maintenance and repair is reduced, and the maintenance is convenient. As a preferred equipment widely used in the field of ultra-fine vertical grinding and pulverizing processing, SBM heavy machine graphite ultra-fine vertical grinding mill is highly efficient, energy-saving, low investment cost, economical, and fast investment, and is a favorite high-quality milling equipment.


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