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06.11.2019 07:02
How to eliminate the noise of Shanghai SBM new sand making machine? Antworten

The new sand making machine is a common equipment in the current sand making machine equipment. It is also a new type of sand making machine developed by us. It has many advantages. We will explain it to you later. I hope everyone can better understand our new sand making. Machine, there will be no problems in use, for the noise control of the new sand making machine, we can look at the following:
For the new sand making machine noise control, there are generally the following points that need attention:
1. First of all, the noise elimination of our new sand making machine needs to start from our equipment. At present, our new sand making machine is equipped with a sound-absorbing system. Although it can't make the sound not, it can reduce the use of our new sand making machine. The noise coming out.
2. We can block, we can block the wall or other things around our sand making machine, which can also reduce our noise indirectly, without affecting the rest of our users.
3. When using the new sand making machine, we can check our equipment to ensure that there will be no problems during the use, the vibration is smaller, and we can reduce our noise indirectly.
There are other ways to reduce the noise of the new sand making machine. We can refer to our method. In the course of use, we hope to bring us benefits, and we can also use it better in use.


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