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09.11.2019 04:28
Mobile crushing station realizes diversification of construction waste treatment Antworten

The mobile crushing station can go directly to the construction waste disposal site to crush and screen the construction waste, and break the construction waste into recycled aggregate for non-burning brick, water stable layer material, filling material, etc., which can be reused for urban foundation. During construction, we will accelerate the development of urban low-carbon economy, realize the recycling of construction waste, and solve the pollution of construction waste to cities.
Construction waste is recognized as a misplaced resource. The treated construction waste not only solves the problem of construction waste pollution, but also can regenerate recycled building materials, which is green, economical and environmentally friendly, in line with the current social development trend.
The recycling rate of construction waste in China is relatively low. Most of the construction waste is transported to the suburbs or villages without any treatment. It is disposed of by open-air stacking or landfill, and consumes a large amount of land acquisition fees and garbage. Transportation and other construction funds, at the same time, the removal and dust, sand and flying in the process of clearing and stacking have caused serious environmental pollution. With the continuous development of science and technology, the utilization value of construction waste is not limited to the brick making field, but is widely used in cement manufacturing and building materials industries. At present, the construction waste portable crusher yemen for sale has realized more than 95% of the construction waste by recycling the construction waste, and has followed the principle of resource treatment and constructed waste treatment projects in many cities in China. It has been widely used and has been well received. Construction waste is processed into recycled building materials after treatment, which has great economic value. The construction waste treatment industry will continue to grow and develop in the future.


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