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The Price of Low Emotional Intelligence Self Help Articles | July 23 Wholesale NFL Jerseys , 2004
Low EQ is expensive in terms of lost money, opportunity, time, relationships, promotions, careers Wholesale Jerseys China , projects, goals, accomplishments, self-esteem, marriages, physical and emotional health Wholesale Jerseys , and even lif...

Low EQ is expensive in terms of lost money, opportunity, time, relationships, promotions, careers Cheap NFL Jerseys Online , projects, goals, accomplishments, self-esteem, marriages, physical and emotional health Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale , and even life.

The good news is that there is no need to have low EQ. EQ can be learned and improved over a lifetime and you can start right away, no matter how old you are.

These are some of the results of low EQ.

·75 % of careers are derailed for reasons related to emotional competencies.

·70% of the reasons why customers and clients are lost are EQ-related.

·50% of time wasted in business is due to lack of trust.

·Seniors get worse in hospitals when the physical therapists don?t engage with them.

·Counseling clients fail to change because their counselors lack empathy or optimism.

·50% of marriages fail.

. Over 23rds of second and third marriages fail.

·Suicide is the third leading cause of death for youths aged 15-24 in the US.

·Impulsive boys are three to six times as likely to be violent adolescents.

·Low levels of empathy predict poor school performance.

·Gifted children have great difficulty reading social cues which leads to sad and isolated childhoods.

·Doctors with poor EQ skills get sued more.

·75-90% of visits to primary care physicians in the US are due to stress-related problems.

·Pessimists live shorter, unhealthier, unhappier lives, and are less likely to achieve their potential than optimists.

·College students in a study with the same IQ and GPA who did not write down their career goals with intentionality were 50% less successful 15 years later.

Emotional Intelligence consists of a set of life skills you can learn that will help you manage your emotions better.

Individuals who start developing their EQ notice improvements in their lives immediately in terms of relationships, work and social life. They also experience a great sense of relief Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping , because it supplies the ?missing piece?. As one client said, ?Now I know what?s going on. The rest is easy.?

You can take a test that will tell you where your strengths and weaknesses are here: http:tinyurlz750 . Find out, and then take action. You have nothing to lose but more losses.

Different types of insurance products are being offered in the market so you have to study and dissect each very well. By doing so you will be able to figure out which product is going to be appropriate for your needs.

Whenever you think about long term care (LTC) do you feel confident that you can deal with the current rates of LTC facilities? At present the national median annual rate of a nursing home according to Genworth Financial, a renowned LTCI provider, is $77,745. That of an assisted living facility is $39 Cheap NFL Jerseys From China ,135 while home health care would cost $36,480 if one is relying solely on a home health aide otherwise it can go a little over $60,000.

If you answered no to the question, perhaps you need to start planning your healthcare. Having a plan will ensure less physical, financial and emotional burden for your family. If you don’t want less but no burden for them at all, that’s also possible. Studies on elderly care Cheap NFL Jerseys China , however, revealed that 78% of elderly people who are 65 years old or older prefer to stay home and receive care here.

As long as you remain at home, your loved ones can’t help but show you some care. Now there is a big difference between caring about somebody and caring for somebody. The latter is heavier by definition as this would require a family member to be constantly at your beck and call.

To spare your family from neglecting their goals in life, plan your future healthcare now.

Assessing Partnership Long Term Care Insurance

Purchase the type of long term care insurance that you don’t only need but can afford, too. For instance, an indemnity LTCI policy would be ideal for anyone who wishes to be in full control of his future healthcare expenses.

Everybody would naturally want to own an indemnity policy but this is more expensive than other types of LTCI. Reimbursement LTCI policies are more affordable but you won’t get your maximum daily benefit in just one sitting Cheap NFL Jerseys , as your insurer will only reimburse to you the exact amount of your LTC expenses that is equivalent or smaller than the maximum daily benefit of your insurance. It shall keep your remaining benefits for your future use.

Then there’s the partnership long term care insurance policy, which is most preferred by people who have a lot of assets to protect. If you are among the people who have been working since they were teenagers, you would naturally want to preserve your resources and properties so your children won’t experience the hardships in life that you’ve been through. Contact your insurance agent to inquire about a partnership LTCI policy.

Impact of Existing and Emerging Brain Monitoring System Market Trends and Forecast, 2016-2026 Health Articles | March 19, 2016


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