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How to give the ultra-fine grinding machine frequent replacement of wearing parts Antworten

Ultra-fine grinding machine bearings, grinding roller rings, blades and so on are wearing parts, which is a good assistant for the production efficiency of the equipment, but the frequency of inspection and replacement is indeed a headache for users, and even more so requires two It is not normal to change it once every three days. In this way, the cost of the accessories, the production time of the delay, etc. are all large losses to the user. Will this phenomenon be a quality problem of the ultrafine mill, or is it a problem with the part itself? How to prevent this
The reason why the consumables have this name is because its own volume is relatively the same as that of the ultra-fine mill. Although it is the tip of the iceberg, the role that can be played is really crucial. They support each other, and the brothers work together to grind and grind the material again and again until the finished product reaches the particle size required by the user before processing the next round of materials. In order to give the ultra-fine mill good production efficiency and good finished product quality, such as moths, the fire is step by step toward scrapping. Their shortevity can be left silently and selflessly.
If you want to extend the service life of the wearing parts of the ultra-fine mill as much as possible, save these costs and improve the production efficiency, you need to listen to the suggestions of Shanghai SBM Machine Co., Ltd. Xiaobian:
First, according to the specified installation tools for each part of the ultra-fine mill, especially the precision parts such as grinding rolls, grinding rings and bearings, each type of ultra-fine grinding machine has the specified type of wearing parts. Periodic cleaning time schedule, etc., pay more attention to inspection and maintenance, the amount of addition, the way of adding should be accurate. In addition, after the installation is completed, it is necessary to check carefully, and then carry out the production work after checking with the professional instrument.
Second, the installation of wearing parts must have a certain order and time limit, in accordance with the completion of the sealing must be kept up, some manufacturers of ultra-fine grinding machine only use two sealing devices, the effect is poor, often into the powder contaminated bearings The SBM ultra-fine grinding machine adopts 5 sealing devices, and the sealing effect is good, which can strictly control the amount of dust entering and extend the period of use.
Third, avoid excessive temperature and make the wearing parts fatigue. When it is found that the temperature exceeds the safe use range, it should be stopped to dissipate heat or adopt certain cooling measures. GM also recommends that users plan their production and schedule to avoid long-term continuous operation. operation. The combination of work and rest is more conducive to the efficient production of ultra-fine mills.


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