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29.11.2019 09:54
Energy saving and environmental protection three ring medium speed micro powder mill is more suitable for the market Antworten

The development of science and technology, the change of market demand and the deep processing and utilization of different ore resources. After numerous reforms and innovations, the three ring medium speed micro grinding equipment has found its proper position in the market. For our country and even the world's grinding industry to make contributions.
SBM, as a well-known enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales, grasps the market demand and meets the customer's requirements in the R & D of each equipment, so that each equipment of SBM will inject fresh blood and update according to the time. The new concept of energy saving and environmental protection of three ring medium speed micro ultrafine mill has received good market feedback.
With the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection and the new national environmental protection policy, the three ring medium speed micro mill not only focuses on the output or fineness, but also on environmental protection and energy saving. With the rapid development of the ore powder processing industry and the requirements for environmental protection and energy conservation, the ore materials with Mohs hardness below grade 7 are processed from 300 to 3000 mesh, which is environmental protection and energy conservation in addition to high-strength capacity, excellent quality and high technology.
Three ring medium speed micro pulverizer adopts pulse dust collector to capture dust and muffler to reduce noise. In production, about one-third of the dust will be transported through the pipeline device. When the dust containing gas enters the precipitator settling chamber from the air inlet and first touches the air inlet partition, the air flow will turn to the ash hopper. At the same time, the air flow speed will slow down to make the coarse particles in the gas flow directly Enter the ash hopper and discharge the body through the ash discharge system. Thus, the dust accumulated on the filter bag is periodically pulse blown to clean the dust, so that the purified gas can pass through normally, and the normal operation of the dust removal system is ensured.
SBM has made painstaking efforts to research and develop the energy-saving and environmental protection skills of the three ring medium speed micro pulverizer, not only for the needs of the market and customers, but also to explore the future development path of SBM. The market, customers and enterprises complement each other.


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