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Material introduction of wearing parts of vertical roller mill Antworten

The grinding ring of SBM vertical roller mill equipment has high hardness, good wear resistance and magnetic properties. It is mainly used in the field of powder processing where the product needs iron removal. After normalizing and tempering heat treatment, the mechanical properties of the product are further improved, which not only has good abrasion resistance but also further improves toughness. SBM Heavy Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has an international micro-powder mill production base and production line, equipped with intelligent, standardized testing and control laboratories. All products are designed, produced, manufactured and tested in accordance with international quality system standards. When customers visit domestic production sites, SBM's product quality, appearance and enthusiastic service have won praise from customers. The following is the product introduction of SBM Heavy Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd .:
SBM Heavy Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of mill equipment. Its production equipment includes micron mill, vertical roller mill, three-ring and four-ring superfine mill, micronizer, high-pressure suspension roller Mills, high-pressure mills, suspension roller mills, roller mills, high-pressure roller mills, etc. There are many types of accessories for these devices, each of which is very important and indispensable, including: rollers, mills It consists of rings, blades, copper sleeves, liners, pins, blade holders, grinding roller shafts, fan blades, blades of blade holders, skeleton oil seals, seals, duct guards, V-belts and other accessories. Among them, the grinding roller and the grinding ring are the main accessories and are also wearing parts. The grinding roller is the main part of the mill, so the wear of the grinding roller is very large under long-term operation. Mills need to be replaced after several months of use. This is well known. The materials of mill rollers and disc liners are usually high chromium cast iron or nickel-chromium alloys, but this material often breaks. The damage caused is quite serious, especially the loss of production suspension, it is even more inestimable.
The grinding roller heat treatment of SBM Heavy Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. adopts domestic advanced treatment methods such as surface nitriding or medium frequency hardening hard chromium plating. Hardness; HRC above 55 ° C, our company has now increased the hardness of composite heat treatment (desalination plus intermediate frequency heat treatment); HRC above 65 ° C, or laser quenching on the surface of the roller body. The grinding roller is made of high chromium bimetal alloy, the hardness of the material is HRC ≧ 62, the wear resistance is good, and the service life is 2; 4 times that of the material of high manganese steel.


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