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24.12.2019 06:52
What causes Raymond mill odor? Antworten

During the use of the raymond mill, if a strange odor occurs, a shutdown inspection is required. This phenomenon indicates that a certain part of the equipment has a condition. If it continues to run, serious things will happen and eventually the equipment will appear. Malfunction and scrapping, then, what causes the odor?
1. The smell of rubber paste. This odor is easy to distinguish. When this odor occurs, it is necessary to check the belt and Raymond mill in time to see if the parts belonging to the rubber product are loose, slippery or overheated. What needs to be reminded here is that if the problem occurs in the engine, it needs to be stopped immediately, and it can be run only after the heat is released.
2. The smell of plastic paste, which generally occurs in the summer, due to the weather, the wires inside the equipment are overheated. Its plastic outer sheath is thin, so the smell is not great, but it is highly dangerous, easily causing circuit damage, engine stall, and spontaneous combustion of the entire vehicle. When the wire is overheated, there will be local smoke and heat. Stop immediately to find out why.
3. Unburned gasoline smell. When the operator can always smell the unburned gasoline smell, it is necessary to check whether the phenomenon of oil leakage has occurred. During the long-term use of raymond mill, the oil pipeline is bound to age badly. Fuel leaked out of it. When you smell a smell of gasoline, you should stop immediately, do not ignite the fire. After inspection, if you find an oil leak, then here at SBM Heavy Industry teach you a trick, you can use chewing gum to directly stop the leak The position of the oil is fixed with tape. This method is only a measure of delaying, so it is effective to find professional personnel for repair as soon as possible.


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