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 Enthaarung mit Licht / Laser
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04.05.2018 09:11
New Machine - No Laser Output - Please Help a Newbie Antworten


Let me introduce myself, and explain my need for assistance. I've been using a 40watt Chinese laser engraver for well over 5 years, so we just purchased a 100watt model of similar design. It unfortunately arrived with a problem. No laser output. It would seem to my newbie experience of troubleshooting to be a faulty laser tube, even though there is no physical damage or coolant leaks.

High Voltage wiring out of the laser pwr supply will easily illuminate a fluorescent light tube when the test button on the pwr supply is pressed.

The supplier wants me to replace the laser tube, and I have no problems doing that, but now I'm seeing there are various NM models of these CO2 tubes. Please advise which NM one should order, and if this is truly the path to getting this laser machine running.

For More Details:
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