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10.05.2018 07:23
Epilator for hair removal Antworten


I got one of these for Chrismas. It was like a torture weapon!!!!!! I brought it straight back and vowed never to have one in the house again under any circumstances other than to tie someone down and get them to confess to something.Just wondering if anyone uses one and exactly how painful they are now with modern advances!!! I go for waxing now which is not painfree but have recently gone back to shaving as I don’t have money to spend on waxing as frequently as I would like it done. So are these more painful than waxing? I think the fact that someone is doing the waxing and I cant back out half way through is a good thing. I’m afraid I would start off with this and give up after half a leg! Not exactly the look I am hoping for lol.

Please help.

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