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26.12.2019 11:28
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The most important thing to realize about having a Memory Hack Review diagnosis of child ADHD is that it is not an excuse for your child to act out at school or at home. While your child has real issues with focus, attention, and behavior, you cannot use it as an excuse for your child's behavior. In the classroom I have often heard a child's behavior explained away by the simple phrase, "well, he has child ADHD." It is as if this means that we should expect less of this child because of the diagnosis. While this may seem "fair" when the child is young, what will happen when he or she is a teenager or adult? Will a boss be as accommodating?

In my experience, the saddest part of a diagnosis of child ADHD is how parents and teachers treat the child. Children with child ADHD need more training and tools than an average child, but they are given significantly less. It is as if it is accepted that child ADHD renders a child incapable of following rules and succeeding in school. Any failures in this arena are simply explained away by the diagnosis and no one spends the time to teach the child the tools that he or she needs to succeed with child ADHD.

If you want your child to succeed in school, and in life, the most important thing you can do for him or her is to have high expectations, and to communicate them to your child. Children with child ADHD know that they are different and that even simple tasks are more difficult for them than they are for their peers. If they realize that you do not expect them to put forth the extra effort that it will take (and the effort will be considerable) they won't. However, if you have high expectations for your child and you equip him or her with the necessary tools to succeed, you will see the satisfaction in your child's face. And as a parent, that look of pride and accomplishment that comes with success after a struggle is truly priceless.


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