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16.05.2018 06:48
Has anyone used an electric shaver??? Antworten


So far I've dabbled with a few different temporary body hair removal methods, I've shaved, I've used an electric hair trimmer, and wax strips. I used nair once, but I had a bad skin reaction and I've just been afraid of trying it again. I've run into a lot of ingrown hair issues, which is why I'm currently just using my electric hair trimmer because it gets it short enough to where it's mostly non-visible (unless you're looking at it close up,) and that's acceptable for me for the time being, but I want something that won't take hours to do (like shaving,) won't lead to ingrown hairs, and won't be a huge expense. My long term plan to deal with my body hair (and I have hair all over,) is to do laser (I'm white and have brown hair,) but for now I need something that can hold me over for when I want to dress up and possibly go out in public. So I was thinking maybe an electric shaver since I doubt they give a close enough shave to lead to ingrown hairs, but it'll still be much closer than just scraping an electric hair trimmer over my body, and it'll probably be easier on my skin. For those that have used them before, do you think it would work okay on my body hair (chest, shoulders, arms, back, legs, butt, etc.) ?

Any help will be apprecited.

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