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16.05.2018 06:55
Waxing at Home for the 1st Time - Problems??? Antworten


I usually shave, sometimes use an epilator (whose results are awesome, but which is too painful to take too much of all at once). I opted to try waxing hairs instead as the pain is less than that w/ epilator use...
I've tried wax strips before and found them pretty pathetic compared to traditional waxing.
I bought a Sally Hansen product - washable cold wax kit. I think it's very good as the wax, water soluable, comes in a squeeze-tube as opposed to little plastic jar, making it a lot less messy to work w/...
FINALLY, MY QUESTION: How can I get a good wax? I've tried a few times w/ mixed results, from the wax working well to the wax not removing hair.
What's the ideal length of hair and amount of wax to be used on hairs being removed?

Any help will be apprecited.

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