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18.05.2018 14:25
Shaving problems/Epilator trouble Antworten


So, I don't shave as often as I'd like to. I have a full shaving kit (Badger brush, quality shaving cream, a good razor, etc) and I always manage to get a really smooth shave, and stubble only shows if you look really close. This lasts about 2 days, then my stubble comes back with a vengeance. Usually I just shave right away or as soon as possible, but my skin is often painfully sensitive for 2-4 days after I shave, and this leads to some very undesirable facial hair growth in the mean time, or awful razor burn. Any advice?
On a separate note, my recently bought epilator is driving me insane. My biggest reason for purchasing it was to save on razors and what not while still getting the smoothness I desire. Epilating is, however, extremely painful, and so far none of my internet searches on the issue have turned up anything that helps. There have been times where I've almost fainted from the pain, and even then it doesn't seem to be very effective. Any advice for increasing the effectiveness and decreasing the pain?

Any help will be apprecited.
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