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28.12.2019 05:59
If There is No God, We Have to Invent One Antworten

Life is full of magic once you learn the tools of the Ultra Manifestation Review magician. The secret is to use the law of attraction to advance your spiritual growth through continuous spirituality information designed to reach clarity on the life process. So how do we get from where ever we are to where we choose to be? What is the basic requirement that allows us to move toward the vision we hold of ourselves that reflects the highest values of what we wish to be? The bottom line tool that you need to pull out of your inventory of ideas and concepts is the tool of understanding. That is the reason you are reading this article and are in the process of developing a clearer understanding of the true nature of how things work.

The words and concepts in this article have the potential to allow you to view life in a manner that is intended to serve you. They have the potential to allow you to see life from another perspective. This is what understanding is. It is to view the subject matter from many perspectives so that you can see what serves you best. I have been so blessed in my own life to have woken up to the reality of knowing "who I really am," and from this knowingness I have been able to bring into my awareness the tools that have allowed me to reach clarity on the true nature of how things work.

This wasn't always the case in my life. I spent over four decades mired deeply within the illusion that I was a separate entity on this planet and I bought into the prevailing belief system, which I was born into and grew up with, that told me I had to fend for myself because, "It's a jungle out there and the best way to get through life was to learn the rules, work hard and acquire as much money as you could so that you could proclaim yourself to be successful."


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