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17.07.2018 07:27
Playing sports and pubic hair Antworten


I'm on the school basketball team and I play basketball year around. I'm a sardar, wear a patka and don't cut my hair, never have. One thing I have had a problem with lately has been when I play, i get extremely sweaty down there and it begins to itch really bad. I've tried a few different lotions, body washes, etc. but it doesn't seem to work. Its embarassing to bring this up but its even worse when I'm playing and i have the urge to itch real bad. I was wondering if shaving the pubic hair would stop this from happening? Would it be okay to cut the hair because no one sees it anyway...its not like im cutting my hair or dari? If anyone can help me with this embarassing problem please let me know. Is there a certain type of cream or something I can use? It only itches when I'm playing sports and get sweaty. Otherwise its not a problem.

Any help will be apprecited.

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