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If You Won't Stop Snoring For Your Spouse, How About For Your Heart? Antworten

Everyone snores occasionally. Even babies or pets snore Sleep Wave Review sometimes! And we all know how cute that can be. But, when your spouse can't sleep due to your snoring, or you're tired all day, then it's a problem and time to do something about it. Most people don't know it, but there are different causes for snoring. Basically, what happens is your airway gets blocked or narrowed and when your airway is narrowed, the soft tissues in your throat vibrate, causing the snore sound we all know and hate.

It can be something as simple as your neck being in a awkward position while sleeping to a condition requiring surgery. However, let's concentrate on the things we have control over before you run to your local surgeon. Sleeping Position Sleeping flat on your back often causes snoring. The flesh in your throat relaxes, and because of your position, blocks your airway. Being Overweight Extra weight and fat in the neck causes your throat to become smaller. Poor muscle tone and lax muscles also contribute to snoring. Smoking Smoking and/or exposure to second-hand smoke relaxes muscles and also creates nasal and lung congestion.

Alcohol and Medications Alcohol and certain medications increase relaxation of your throat and tongue muscles. Have you ever been told how loud you were snoring after a night of drinking too much? There are also causes that are out of our control such as heredity, age, allergies, and surprisingly enough, being male. Men actually have narrower airway passages than women. Sorry guys! When Snoring Becomes A Problem When your snoring is effecting your sleep and that of your sleeping partner, you've got a problem. Sleep deprivation causes irritability, lack of productivity and even an increase in your chances of having a car accident!


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