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The Untold Truth About ADHD Drugs - Every Parent Should Be Aware of This Information Antworten

Although ADHD drugs can provide benefits, parents should Memory Hack Review be aware of the many side effects that can be harmful. Some of the less serious side effects include: headaches, jitters, irritability, dizziness, loss of appetite, mood swings, and sometimes even depression. ADHD drugs can have more adverse side effects that should be reported immediately to your physician. Look for: listlessness, less talkative, and withdrawing from normal activities.

ADHD meds can cause more serious concerns and the FDA has required "Black Label Warnings" on these medications. Some of the more serious side effects are listed below: Effects on the Brain: Studies suggest long term use of Ritalin can hinder brain development. Heart Problems: Stimulants have been known to cause sudden death. Adderall is no longer used in Canada due to deaths associated with the medication. The American Heart Association recommends a physical prior to starting any of the stimulants.

Psychiatric Problems: Stimulants can cause an increase in aggression, hostility, and depression. This is even more apparent when there is a family history of these disorders. Although ADHD drugs can seem beneficial, they do have many proven adverse side effects. This had let to millions of parents seeking alternatives such as homeopathic remedies. New treatments for ADHD have been taking the forefront in recent years as more and more parents have grown concerned about the effectiveness and safety of traditional medications. Rather than subject their children to a regimen of stimulant based medication which they may need for the rest of their lives, parents are opting for other methods of both controlling symptoms and treating their underlying cause.


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