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Crusher model must match the motor Antworten

In the stone production line, the use of more equipment is the crusher, including jaw crusher for coarse crushing, secondary and fine counterattack crusher, or mining with heavy polycrystalline silicon carbide. Stone production line equipment maintenance work is mainly about the crusher equipment. The present situation of crusher equipment is briefly introduced from three aspects.
The bearing is the part of the crusher that wears quickly. Equipment maintenance is very important. Lubricate the bearing to increase the service life of the bearing.
When changing the oil used to clean gasoline or kerosene, replace the amount of oil in the bearing seat every three months and carefully clean the bearing raceway. Shaft plate and shaft pad surface contact, before moving must spray oil.
3 routine inspection accessories. Jaw break belt is indispensable on stone product line. Adjust the tightness of the conveyor belt regularly to ensure the uniform receiving strength of the machine in the conveyor belt.
When the crusher is used, the electricity will be hot. The average customer will think this is normal and can be ignored, but often because it is ignored, it can lead to other problems with the device, so the problem cannot be found. The reason. The following xiaobian analysis of the crusher motor knowledge:
First, when buying crusher, crusher model must match the motor. If the motor is small or large, it is prone to failure, such as heating or even burning. Second, don't underestimate the crusher. Installation, good start is a successful step, crusher installation should be under the guidance of professional personnel installation and debugging; In addition, the blades of the crusher fan can fall off or wear away, resulting in heat from the crusher motor. At this point, we should check whether the motor fan blade falls off or is worn, and timely deal with the problem. In addition, crusher motor power is too large, will produce too much wind speed. When the wind speed is too low, the outlet is blown back, resulting in an output. Low, repeatedly returning to the furnace and repeatedly damaging the material will cause the crusher motor to heat up. If the motor voltage is too low, the load on the motor will increase and abnormal heat will occur.
Open circuit and closed circuit: in the production of crusher, the circulation is divided into road circulation and closed circuit circulation. The former is called a sieve, then broken, the latter is called first broken and then sifted. Firstly, the crushed material is screened through the finished product, and then it enters the secondary crushing inlet for crushing, which increases the output of the finished product and the needle content. A broken sieve is a material that is broken in the first place. Enter the feed port of the secondary crusher, and then re-enter the finished product sieve for screening. The whole system is a closed system, no damaged materials are lost, the cycle load is large, but the product shape is good, in the actual production of the crusher, open or closed the choice can be based on the production demand;
Ring load: the crusher works in the closed loop. By increasing the outfall and increasing the load in the circulation, the particle shape of the stone will become better. During the whole process, the wear of each device in the system increases due to increased cyclic loads, but when adjusting the outlet, the load of the main crushing motor can be reduced and the finished product's particle shape becomes better. Therefore, in the production, cycle load adjustment is very important.
Feed size: for crushers, feed size can be processed by different types or different models. If the feed size is not appropriate, the discharge quality is not up to standard. For example, when the feed size is reduced from 100mm to 50mm, the needle content in the finished product is reduced by 38%, so the feed size should meet the requirements of the production equipment.


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