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06.01.2020 05:14
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Back then, particularly in the immediate post-war Memory Hack Review years, children were simply happy to be free of restrictive parental controls, relishing the freedom to run, jump and enact elaborate role-playing games. Playtime was a time to live in that vast, creative, imaginative world where anything was possible. But, unfortunately, that world seems to have disappeared.

It was therefore interesting to see a recent independent report on the state of childhood today. It was commissioned by The Children's Society and carried out by Lord Layard, the Labour peer, and Professor Judy Dunn, a child psychologist at the Institute of Psychiatry. The report confirms all our lurking fears about the behavior of today's children. It warns that because of largely media-provoked paranoia about the dangers children face and irrational hostility from the general public, children have lost their freedom to play outside.

But, thankfully, the wheel has now turned full-circle. Parents are, once again, urged to avoid today's insidious 'cotton wool culture' and actively return to the actions of our forebears. Yes: let your children play outdoors and make new friends rather than keeping them cooped up indoors. Not only will their mental health improve, but also their general health. Research has recently proved that introducing your toddlers to 'a bit of dirt' strengthens their immune systems to withstand such modern hazards as asthma. That 'bit of dirt' acts like a vaccination, effecting that vital surge of white blood-cells to not only combat infections but also bolster our defenses against future attacks.


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