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06.01.2020 07:59
Counterattack broken mobile crushing station Antworten

The latest crushing mobile crusher adopts the latest news and advanced manufacturing technology. It adopts high-quality high-chromium plate hammer, wear-resistant and anti-eating plate, and the crushing ratio is large. In addition, the crusher itself is made of high-quality characteristics. Make this set of mobile crushing station machinery and equipment have more universal application scope. The characteristics of counter-break Portable crusher plant, the characteristics of counter-break mobile crusher are: large mud production, medium crushing, high efficiency, economic development, strong adaptability, crushing and screening solution, self-loading belt conveyor.
1. The equipment is equipped with flexibility, which can be produced separately by a single generator set, or it can cooperate with rough equipment and equipment. In addition to the diesel generator set provided in the mobile crushing station generator set, in addition to the power supply system of the generator set, the step system can be provided with a coordinated power supply system for the step system, which further improves the adaptability of the machine equipment.
2. The mobile crushing station generator car has a high chassis, the overall body width is lower than the operating trailer, and the minimum turning radius is small, which is conducive to driving in the natural environment of the smashing and extreme road surface of the plant area, and is more beneficial to the project construction area.
3. Equipped with a counter-attack crusher that can carry out on-site crushing of certain first-line raw materials, and the immediate output rate is ideal for sand and stone products with a particle size distribution. In addition, the expansion of the scope of work also reduces the migration and transportation costs of raw materials. In addition, the extended crushing unit in the middle crushing mobile crushing station can immediately feed the crushed raw materials into the bucket of the loading carriage for convenient and immediate transportation.
4. Impact crusher's basic principle of impact crushing The output rate of the finished product has a better particle size distribution, which can improve the overall working efficiency of the mobile crusher.
5. Anti-breaking mobile crushing station generator unit installation equipment integration, overall flexibility is strong, the indoor space space layout is reasonable and compact, saving time and indoor space for on-site project construction, improving coordination, and eliminating many places Infrastructure construction greatly reduces project investment costs, and simple operation and maintenance. The division of responsibilities of the generator set equipped with machinery and equipment is simple and clear, which is conducive to maintenance. Principle When crushing and crushing mobile crushing station is selected to carry out the crushing work, the crushed raw materials are immediately crushed by the impact crusher to a medium fine particle size, and the closed-circuit screening respiratory system composed of a circular vibrating sieve is immediately made into an ideal product. It is then output to a specific address by a belt conveyor.


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