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Nail Fungus Treatment - Natural Home Remedies Can Be Your Bet Antworten

Have you heard of Onychomycosis? Though the term might be Keravita Pro Review completely new to you the condition of Onychomycosis is actually very common and there are high chances you know someone who has or is suffering from this condition. Surprised? Well Onychomycosis is actually the scientific term for nail fungus. Though toenail fungus is more common there are many people who suffer from fingernail fungus as well. Researches have shown that nearly 8% of the adult population suffers from nail fungus. And that is why knowing about nail fungus treatment is important. Though a few over the counter medicines are available for nail fungus you can go for home remedies.

4 Natural Home Remedies Tea tree oil is very popular treatment. It is actually a fungicide and also a natural antiseptic and therefore is extremely effective when it comes to this form of fungus. If you are suffering from a mild case of nail fungus you can use tea tree oil. You can apply a few drops of tea tree oil on the affected parts of your nail. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and then scrub your nail with a soft toothbrush. When you scrub, the tea tree oil will spread evenly and go under your nails.

Did you know that Listerine is considered as the best treatment possible at home by a lot of people? Yes, don't be surprised. The mouthwash Listerine contains alcohols like euchalyptol and salicylate thymol along with other compounds that fight against the nail fungus. For fungus treatment you will have to mix Listerine with apple cider vinegar and dip your infected nails in the mixture for about 15 minutes. Instead of apple cider vinegar you can use undiluted lemon juice if you want to. You can also paint you infected nails with the mixture.


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