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07.01.2020 06:39
Stretch Marks Removal - Does It Really Exist? Antworten

If you are interested in learning more about how natural Brilliance SF Skincare Review ingredients can benefit your skin and needs to be included in your skin care, visit my site today. My site also provides information on some of the dangerous ingredients you should avoid. This might be a great guide for you when checking out the products you already have... toss them! Nowadays we see competition everywhere. It starts already at school, where children try to get better grades than others or win at sports days. Later it comes to exams and after that getting the best paid job. We are so used to competition that it has spread to all areas of life. Looks and appearance is another quality that people are judged by. It can be argued, that one should not judge the book by it's cover, but the fact is that we always try to look better than others.

This is the main reason why women with stretch marks or striae as they are medically known, feel unsure about themselves and have self-confidence issues. When some time earlier striae caused by pregnancy were looked upon as maybe not aesthetical, but as a proof of giving birth to a child. The marks were something to be proud of. Nowadays the situation has changed completely - the younger the better which means healthy hair, fit body and smooth skin. This provides a distorted self-image for women, but it cannot be overlooked that many of them want to remove their stretch marks.

There are many different techniques and treatments that promise to remove stretch marks. However, before wasting huge amounts of money on things that does not work, one should define the causes of striae. They are caused by rapid stretching of the skin or dermis in medical terms. Usually this happens during pregnancy, but the marks can also appear when experiencing hormonal changes in the body. As a result, scarring appears on the skin in areas like thighs or abdomen. Often the marks are clearly visible, so this is the reason why women are afraid to wear too revealing clothes.


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