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07.01.2020 09:47
Do you know this knowledge of slag vertical roller mill? Antworten

The slag vertical roller mill is a kind of negative pressure air-sweeping type grinding equipment. The slag is dried to grind the slag. The slag material enters the center of the grinding disc from the feed port. A small amount of high-moisture new slag and most of the ground non-finished slag with lower moisture are guided under the grinding roller under the action of centrifugal force. By reducing air blowing, the grinding roller compacts the slag exhaust and then grinds The force of the configured material layer is generated by the own weight of the grinding roller and the pressure of the hydraulic system.
The grinding roller rotates by friction with the abrasive bed. The sensor and buffer limit device installed on the rocker arm can prevent the grinding roller from directly contacting the metal disc. During normal operation, the distance between the grinding roller and the disc is at least 5mm.
Existing problems of slag vertical roller mill:
Compared with the raw materials of traditional cement plants, slag has poor abrasiveness and poor abrasiveness. Therefore, the wear of slag vertical roller mills has hindered the development of slag vertical roller mills. With the progress of wear-resistant technology and the introduction of foreign wear-resistant materials, the problem of wear-resistant materials in slag vertical roller mills has been resolved. At present, the general roller sleeves of slag vertical roller mills are the wear-resistant layers of the outer ring of the base material of the casting.
Although the problem of wear-resistant materials has been solved, there has been dispute over the thickness of the wear-resistant layer. The thickness of the wear-resistant layer is poor, and the economy is poor. The wear-resistant layer is thin and the service life is low. Therefore, reasonable design of the area and thickness of the surfacing layer becomes the key issue for surfacing. The slag vertical roller mill produced by SBM heavy machine has made unremitting efforts for the successful operation of several equipments from the trial production to the present, and has been making progress in the tests, and such parameters have been reasonably determined in the tests.


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