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Each week, The Reporters put their thumbs out to the good and the bad in the world of sports. This week, they discuss the NFL and marijuana, Canadian world champion boxer Bermane Stiverne, Steve Kerrs choice for head coach and FIFA backtracking on Qatar 2022. Dave Naylor, TSN Radio 1050: My thumb is up to the National Football League which - according to reports this week - is planning to soften its penalties for players who test positive for marijuana. Look, even if youre part of the minority which still believes pot should be illegal, its not hard to see the hypocrisy here. The NFL is a down-and-dirty league, where all kinds of nasty stuff happens and players are often welcomed back to the field despite risky and dangerous behavior. And yet, as of now, Clevelands Josh Gordon will miss this coming season because he did something that is legal in two states and which many believe is a safer way to manage the pain associated with pro football than popping pills. What would the NFL be like if the league stopped testing for weed altogether? Well, we have a pretty good idea because in Canada the CFL does not list marijuana as a banned substance. And frankly, no one cares. The NFL has followed the CFLs lead when it comes to the forward pass, two-point converts and a few other things … its time to follow its lead on pot as well. Steve Simmons, Sun Media: My thumb is up Bermane Stiverne, and if you dont know the name, youre not alone. A week ago, Stiverne, the Haitian-born Montreal-raised boxer, won the WBC heavyweight championship. Once upon a time, that was a title that began with Sonny Liston and moved through Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier and Larry Holmes and George Foreman and Mike Tyson and another Canadian of other countries, Lennox Lewis. It was the title of all titles not just in boxing, but in all of sport: heavyweight champion of the world. Somewhere in time that disappeared, just not the history; now its Stivernes time, after his sixth round stoppage of Chris Arreola in Los Angeles. He might be like Trevor Berbick, a one and done champion. But after all these years, we still remember Berbicks name. Michael Farber, Sports Illustrated: My thumb is up to Steve Kerr for a wise choice. Offered coaching positions with the Knicks and Warriors, the broadcaster took door no. 2, Golden State. The job might not be all rainbows and lollipops because Warrior players are angry former coach Mark Jackson was fired, but it is a better option than Madison Square Garden, the worlds most famous asylum. Kerr wont have to answer to bullying owner James Dolan or face inevitable second-guessing from Knicks president Phil Jackson, a fair coach himself. Golden state provides Kerr with a more talented roster and a better family situation, but mostly if offers a truly precious commodity - sanity. Dave Hodge, TSN: My thumb is down to soccers world governing body, FIFA for managing to sound dumber than its president, Sepp Blatter. Blatter has finally admitted that the selection of Qatar as the site of the 2022 World Cup was a mistake, which, until now, has been obvious to all but FIFA, because if the summertime heat makes it dangerous to watch a soccer match, its probably not a good idea to play in one. But, said Blatter, people do make mistakes. Well, an embarrassed FIFA spokesman tried to distance the organization from Blatters remarks by claiming that Blatter never actually said that Qatar was the wrong choice, which means that Blatter meant...... FIFA made the right choice and it was a mistake. They cant even stand this heat. Authentic Lias Andersson Jersey . Messier, who had been a special assistant to Rangers general manager Glen Sather, announced Thursday in a statement that he is resigning in order to "expand the game of hockey in the New York area by developing the Kingsbridge National Ice Center. Authentic Mike Richter Jersey . He will be practicing with the Norfolk Admirals (AHL) on a conditioning assignment. - @AnaheimDucks Corey Perry has a knee sprain and will miss the next three to four weeks. http://www.cheapnhlrangersjerseysauthent...p-chytil-jersey. McCutchen hit his first home run in over a month, doubled twice and scored two runs to help the Pirates beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-3 on Sunday and take three of four from the defending NL West champions. Authentic Cody McLeod Jersey .5 million. The 25-year-old Varlamov is thriving under first-year coach and Hall of Fame goaltender Patrick Roy, posting a 26-9-5 record with a 2. Authentic Brady Skjei Jersey . The Senators return from a lengthy layoff caused by Wednesdays attack on Parliament Hill to host the New Jersey Devils on Saturday night.In the end they were all right. The man in the cafe. The policeman on the street. The lady at the hairdressers. And the lads outside the pub. Hot drinks being spat all over England. Jermain Defoe to Toronto FC? No way. It couldnt be. It was last October when Ryan Nelsen shifted his head immediately from the table and looked right at me in disbelief. I had asked him what he thought a player like Defoe would do in MLS. Jermain Defoe in this league? My goodness - incredible player, Nelsen raved. One of the most natural goal scorers I have ever come across. Always out training, always trying to score, a great guy. To get a guy like Defoe for MLS, I cannot think of many that are more suited. It would be incredible, he said. Incredible? More like incredulous. A year is a long time in sports. In fairness anyone who would have argued differently with Nelsens assessment would have needed a dose of reality. Here was a club with an identity of being losers targeting a striker who had scored at every level. How could a bunch of guys who had struggled to get attention suddenly make a hot shots head turn? Well, it happened. An unlikely relationship was formed between water, brought together by Drake, a man who could widen the eyes of Defoe and make him believe everything he was sold on. Major League Soccer stood at the altar as a long-distance marriage was approved. We now pronounce you club and star DP signing. It would be a match that needed equal amounts of dedication and love on both sides. Headed where nobody took it, who meetin me there? They tel him that hes talkin crazy but he doesnt care. - Drake The first glimpse of the city of Toronto for Defoe came after he signed. The club proudly tweeted a picture of him leaning towards the car window to look at the stadium when he arrived. For a short while he was a celebrated pioneer but it was never going to be easy for him after he committed to love something he had never seen. Its one thing to flirt after a blind date but this was supposed to be more than just the football equivalent of a one-night stand. With little foundation it came as no surprise that the relationship started to sour quickly. Better late than never but never late is better. - Drake Defoe was brilliant on the pitch early in the season, scoring goals no previous Toronto player would have come close to whilst rescuing points for the club out of nothing. It was a spectacular romance, a honeymoon period that led to many fantasies. Eventually, though, every dreamer has to wake up. Injuries meant long layoffs and without the distraction of playing, the Englishmans mind would wander. Defoe pined for home and this was portrayed as a bad thing rather than it being communicated as a natural human reaction. His new family tried to help and even invited his old one over for a friendly game to celebrate. Defoe seemed happy. For a night. He would then spend long stretches away from the club to seek medical advice, yet during this time the relationship started to get worse. At no point did the two sit down publicly and explain why he was where he was. On the day Nelsen was fired the bigger story was around the potential sale of the former Tottenham man and his whereabouts.dddddddddddd But get it while you here boy/Cause all that hype dont feel the same next year boy. - Drake The love affair was heading to an explosive divorce. In fact, the day before the transfer window closed the club could not confirm if Defoe would definitely stay. Onlookers were stunned. There had been no public admittance of Defoe missing home, or wanting to end his long-term commitment inside year yet suddenly the relationship was tearing apart. When the window closed, Defoe stayed but the writing was on the wall. But I need someone different. You know it, oh oh you know it. Oh oh you know it. We both know it. - Drake Defoe was no longer the only one looking to split up. We only want people who want to be here, was heard so often from the club that it replaced the Why cant we be great? slogan so often used around previously. Suddenly it made sense. Defoe had been fantastic when fit and ineffective when injured. It was common sense to listen to offers for him. Two sides ready for a change and move on. Simple? Not quite. After they had both given a masterclass in silence being deafening all summer they decided now was a good time to talk. Everybody talks and everybody listens. But somehow the truth just always comes up missing. - Drake Defoe went first. “It was frustrating when I was home seeing certain things—people questioning if [I was] really injured. It’s frustrating when people doubt you, when you’re dealing with a real injury and especially for someone like me who loves playing football,” he said Thursday. The club went a step further. Much of this saga is outlined in Fridays report in the Toronto Sun that Defoes mother was central to much of the fractions between the club and the player. Now the gloves were off. So much for an amicable parting. It didnt have to end like this. Defoes commitment and health has been questioned by fans and many members of the media but this latest report will hurt him the most. By targeting the woman who he loves the most, the club will mean nothing to him from now on. There will be many that will be disappointed with the allegations made against his mom in the report but they should be more alarmed by the story itself. Defoe is weeks away from becoming an ex-TFC player. Meanwhile, the club will carry on and has a reputation to rebuild. Leaks to the press about what a player has been up to when he is already leaving is nothing more than a childish way of trying to win the battle of public opinion. Defoe has played his final game for Toronto FC and the two will part less than a year after falling for each other. The striker will fall for someone else and spend the rest of his career getting injured and scoring a lot of goals. He leaves behind him a club that still has many things to learn. Tables turn, bridges burn, you live and learn. - Drake Tables continue to turn at BMO Field. That is sports. Yet, as another bridge burns you have to wonder just how much living and learning the club is doing. 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