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09.01.2020 05:05
The Nigerian Staple Food - Good Or Bad? Antworten

If you follow these guidelines you will have enough protein Meridian Health Protocol Review in your diet. Just remember to add protein rich foods into your meal plan. It may prove difficult to add extra high quality proteins such as meat, fish and dairy products into your meals. However, you can easily add a handful of nuts or beans to the soup salad or appetizer of almost any meal plan. I love our staple food, and I am lucky enough to eat it on a daily basis. How healthy are they though? In Nigeria, our staple food consists of a variety of yam, cassava and brown rice. These can be prepared in any number of ways. They however, all have one thing in common.

Since it makes sense to classify foods based on their highest nutritional content, the one thing they have in common is that Cassava, Yam and Brown rice are all carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the main culprit where weight gain is concerned. This is because; the final break down of carbohydrate in the body is simple sugar. I want to point out that when the supply of ingested glucose (glucose is the only usable form of simple sugar) is too high, our blood sugar level gets elevated.

This increased level of blood sugar triggers the release of insulin (the hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar levels) to transport or make the excess glucose available to the body tissues. When our energy stores are low (post exercise for example), the muscle tissue is the first point of call of the insulin-carried glucose. Glucose however can only be taken up by the muscle tissues at a gradual rate.


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