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Did you ever notice that there are less colds and flu in Curafen Review summer? That is because there is usually stronger sunshine which stimulates Vitamin D production in the skin. Vitamin D is more important than most people realize for protection against colds and flu and is an influential preventative for a wide assortment of diseases like cancer, diabetes, auto-immune diseases, heart disease and depression. Research in recent decades shows the deficit of Vitamin D in the body has more far reaching effects than most people realized.

In the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Dr. John Cannell and his team report that T-cells that the body generates to fight infection are more efficient and active when bound with Vitamin D. Vitamin D is an integral part of the body's defense system. When foreign agents enter the body that trigger an immune response a chain reaction starts. First, invasive microorganisms are released from the blood into the walls of the intestine which causes the release of Immunoglobulin A (IgA). In adults there are about 30 receptors called Peyer's patches in the lower part of the small intestine which release B-lymphocytes into the blood and lymph system. Through a series of hormonal signaling dendritic cells, macrophages and finally T-lymphocytes are released.

The most efficient killers of invasive microorganisms are the T-lymphocytes. When these T-cells recognize a foreign invader, like a bacteria or a virus, they send out a hormonal signal to the Vitamin D receptor gene. This activating signal stimulates the VDR gene to produce a DVR protein which causes Vitamin D to attach to the T-cell. This whole process then produces a hormone called PLC-gamma one protein which turbo charges the T-cell to do an efficient job to fight the infection. Without Vitamin D, the T-cells are less active and stimulated by infective agents.


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