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Hip Pain - Do You Really Have Arthritis in Your Hips Or is it Muscle Pain? Antworten

Some people do have a severe arthritic condition which Arctic Blast Review causes hip pain and some have rheumatoid arthritis (which affects all of the joints in the body.) In those cases, a doctors' help may be necessary. Some of us have a hip joint which has been worn over the years by the stress of having a short leg. A short leg causes pressure on the joint and muscles around the hip joint. Even this can often be "cured" by a knowledgeable muscle therapist and a lift for the short leg.

For the rest of us, here's the plan. Think of your hip as having four sides. Front of your leg, back of your leg, the inside of your thigh and the outside of your thigh. Your hip joint is most likely where you feel your pain. It seems like it's in the hip joint, but the cause could very well be the muscles on the inner side of your thigh or your back side. You can start a movement plan to get your hip muscles back into balance. Always do your moves thoughtfully. Observe how your muscles are feeling. Pay attention to how you feel after your movements, too.

Move or lift your leg from each of the four sides. Do this while you are standing or on your side in bed. You may discover, simply by paying attention to how your body feels, that it needs more movement in one direction than the others. Don't overdo, but do thoughtfully. Is one area tighter than the others? If you determine that your hip muscles seem related to your hip pain (and they most likely are,) you can continue your movement therapy. Simply moving your legs in every direction, instead of always using them in only one or two directions, can help get your hips back to neutral. You also might want to see a muscle or massage therapist. He or she will be able to loosen the muscles around your leg and hip bones. Sometimes those thick, powerful muscles need a little extra help to get back into balance. A massage therapist can be a perfect helper.


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