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13.01.2020 11:36
The Issue I Have With Slimming Clubs Antworten

And when you achieve them, celebrate! Reward yourself, but Panalean Review not with food. Buy a new dress. Go out somewhere fun. Whatever it is, make sure you bathe in the feeling of your success, because each one you achieve brings you one step closer to your dream becoming reality. A final word on motivation. It was once noted that motivation doesn't last. They are right of course, which is why you should do it daily! What is the point in dieting and looking after your body if you are poisoning your mind with toxic ideas and bad self talk? Read other peoples success stories and surround yourself with tales of how other women overcame their troubles. We are all the same inside, so if they can lose the weight, so can you.

There are literally thousands of slimming clubs throughout the UK where every week, people of all shapes and sizes go along once a week and are weighed to see if they have lost or put on weight. Many people swear by these clubs and by all accounts it is a massive industry. But is it best way to lose weight healthily and sustainably? When I generally speak to people who participate in these programmes, they don't seem to have much in the way of nutritional knowledge, just how many "points" they can eat or what "colour" food they can have. Of course many organisations provide their clientele with this information, but in large groups, it is easier for people to slip through the net.

The public pay around £5 per week to get weighed in front of people...not the more conducive way to build an individuals self esteem! And finally, and I hate to say this, but the people following these systems, never really seem to lose weight in the long term! Sure, they may lose in the first instance, but they either put it back on again when they stop, or they plateau and never seem to get the results they desired. Don't get me wrong, I'm into whatever gets the job done and if its working for you then stick with it!


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