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16.01.2020 10:03 Antworten

Bluoxyn pace that does not equate to injury however only results now as much as it would be great to hang let's say 20 sets at 20 minutes at 15 pounds you'll most likely get to one set and probably pull a ligament or irritate the skin so much that you wouldn't even be able to put the compression hanging back on so this is why this is so important and imperative guys because you're allowing the tissues and all those other bits and pieces to heal adequately and to keep up now like I mentioned earlier I'll give you an alternative to the compression hang out as well if you don't actually have a compression hanger that's totally fine all you're going to do is actually hold stretches for 15 minutes and that could literally base stretches that are out up down left and right and even between the cheeks from right down again really putting


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