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debunking myths and misunderstandings about pores, and how sugar and hormones can actually make your pores look so much bigger. Because pores are mostly due to genetics and hormones, there are still things that we can do to help them look as teeny tiny and invisible to the eye as possible. So let's just find out: what are pores?? What exactly are pores? Pores are the little openings on our face that we like to complain Bluoxyn about. They are very important for the healthy functioning of our skin because (they produce) sebum to protect your skin from dirt and bacteria in the environment. There are actually teeny hair follicles with baby hair inside the pore which you can't really see for the most part. Sebum is released to the surface of the skin through the pore. Pores are different from sweat pores, which only produce sweat from the glands. And only when the pore is trapped by dead skin, will comedones like whiteheads, blackheads or breakouts form inside the pore. (Fel: like a volcano, erupting to the surface.) So a lot of you are probably wondering: why are my pores so big, and why are other people's


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