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10 Homemade Tricks to Keep Your Feet Healthy Antworten

Finally, your onychomycosis cure should look beyond the Urgent Fungus Destroyer Review scope of the infection itself to the eventual regrowth of your toenail. Treatments that include vitamin E and other nutrients will encourage your nail to grow back healthy and strong, hopefully impervious to future fungal infiltrations. Once you're cured of your onychomycosis, be diligent to keep your toenails trimmed, dry, and clean. That's the best way to make sure that you don't ever have to deal with an inconvenient and embarrassing bout of onychomycosis again. It's never pleasant to have a fungal infection, but with a little vigilance and know-how, you can beat it.

Toenail fungus has become an epidemic especially in humid warm climates like Florida. Most people wear toenail polish or closed shoes because they are embarrassed. This actually makes the condition worse and allows for greater fungal growth. Creams and liquids rarely help and many home remedies become a waste of time. And then there are Lamisil tablets. This is a strong prescription medication that is used for daily 3 months. Blood has to be drawn twice to make sure that there is no liver damage resulting from the medication. In addition, some people experience taste loss and stomach problems that linger. In my experience Lamisil has a success rate below 50%. So basically there have been no good options for treatment of fungus toenail infections until now.

Laser for toenail fungus is now the latest treatment available with success rates being reported upwards of 80%. I have chosen the Cooltouch CT3 plus zoom 1320nm laser after research over the past several years. Originally, I looked at the Pinpointe laser and the Noveon laser and have found the Cooltouch to be superior and this is the one laser that has finally met all of my criteria.


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