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When Is Tinnitus Not Tinnitus? Antworten

It should be understood that Tinnitus is not a disease Sonus Complete Review or a medical condition in itself but rather a symptom of an underlying condition. It can also be caused by other factors. There are many causes that contribute to development of tinnitus. Sometimes, it has something to do with the environment or may also be due to side effects of some medications. In other cases, it can be caused by psychological, neurologic or metabolic factors. It is therefore important to identify the cause of the ear problem through an extensive investigation.

The causes of tinnitus vary. Some people suffer from tinnitus secondary to poor diet and excessive intake of sodium, caffeine of alcohol while there are some who may be experiencing the problem secondary to poor nutrition alone. The causes should be viewed from a wide range of perspective because they can be minor, moderate or severe. In some cases, the exact cause of tinnitus is unknown.

Because tinnitus can be caused by a lot of factors, the initial step in curing it is to determine what you have been doing lately that triggered the condition. Have you been suffering from sinus problems or a cold? Have you been exposed to stressful situations which you find very hard to manage and overcome? Have you been exposed for a prolonged period of time to very loud noise? What are the medications that you have been taking recently? Examine these areas and see if there are significant factors that could have triggered your tinnitus. Other areas that you may need to examine are; your work environment, your sleeping pattern, if you have had any head and neck injury, changes in your diet, your age, any illness that you had recently, weather conditions, your blood pressure, blockage to your ear canal and other significant changes.


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